Thursday, August 28, 2008

U2, the Beatles, Mariah Carey and Diana Ross... All Together As One

I LOVE mashups!

This one is from DJ Earworm, one of my favorites (apart from A plus D and DJ Schmolli) featuring an impossible collaboration between
U2 (One), Beatles (Come Together), Mariah Carey (We Belong Together) and Diana Ross (Someday We'll Be Together).

Really, really cool. You can download the mp3 of this and other songs at

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Injustice vs DEALCO via Manila Mayor Lim ?

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim ordered the closure of a slaughterhouse operated by DEALCO, the company of Joyce Alcoreza, a friend of mine from college. While the true facts are beyond me, the video does not lie: the treatment of the officials and workers went beyond civilized and humane.

At the end of the TV clip, you'll hear Joyce's (and the company's) side of the events. Unfortunately, in this country, the Youtube route may be the best and only way for their side to be heard.

I, for one, am convinced. And embarrassed that I voted for Lim when he ran for president.

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Why is Oil so Expensive? : Oil Addiction (Good Magazine)

For anyone who's ever asked why the prices of oil, gas and food are going up, here's a four minute video that explains how and why.

My economics professors could not have done a better job. (Maybe it's oversimplified -- but I think it gets the basics across wonderfully!)

A brilliant video from Good magazine.

Friday, August 15, 2008

X-Files: I want to ... watch again

Yes, I saw X-Files: I Want to Believe. It's not bad for an X-Files episode, I think. Everything you loved about the x-Files was there: the darkness, the conflict between faith and skepticism, the gore, the ambiguity. It's the real deal.

Everything that you'd expect from the X-Files. Stuff like what you'd see in this montage of the best X-Files scenes, collected and put together by a true X-Phile and posted on Youtube.

I want to watch my XF DVDs all over again.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

United We Rise: Nike USA Basketball Commercial

Check out this new commercial for Nike Basketball. Slick but not too cheesy -- and overall: pretty cool, I think. For a moment, I was actually a U.S. citizen and rooting for Team USA!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Jimmy Justice: New York's Cammed Crusader!

Check out the guts of Jimmy Justice, a New Yorker who goes around the city with a videocam in hand with the sole objective of exposing errant New York City traffic cops. If you're a cop who does an illegal u-turn, parks beside a fire hydrant, or otherwise breaks any of the rules that you're supposed to enforce, you're in Jimmy Justice's viewfinder now ... and on his Youtube channel later.

Here's a video interview of Jimmy Justice:

The cops Jimmy has caught on tape have been placed under investigation by higher officials.

Would any of this work in Manila? (I think you know the answer to that already.)

Found via PSFK.

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Award for the Greatest Physics Rap of All Time goes to....

As you know My-Tube loves all kinds of videos, but has a soft spot for educational ones. (Mr My-Tube used to be a teacher once, if you didn't know.)

Anyway, the other day we posted a cool video from Good Magazine explaining the high price of oil, today we're posting another educational video.

Presenting: The Supercollider Rap or if you want its real name : Large Hadron Rap (i.e., a rap video which explains what happens in supercolliders and what they're trying to do at CERN and what the heck is anti-matter)

This is really geeky but it's great geek fun.

Admit it : you were bobbing your head at some point --- AND you had an A-HA moment too (".... so that's what a supercollider is!)

Found via Boing Boing

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