Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Beauty of Complaints

Complaints are wonderful: If there were no complaints, we wouldn't know what to fix. We wouldn't know what people really wanted. We wouldn't know how to market to them. We woulddn't know what to make for them.

The problem though is a complaint by nature is a negative, destructive even. It points to something missing, something that ought to be there, something that we ought to have thought about but which we neglected. It points out our faults, our failings, our inability to be omniscient and all-powerful.

Complaints remind us of our humanity. (And it works both ways, be you complainer or complainee.)

Thanks to Cisco for this link.

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Milan said...

Cool concept and an amazing video. BTW hoe did the director manage so many women. I am sure it must be a man ;)

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