Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bizarre and Disturbing Orville Redenbacher Commercial

There's a bit of a flap over this new campaign from CP+B.

Okay: maybe not just a "bit" as I haven't read any posts on how they much they love it.

I, for one, hate it. It's about as bad as the other campaign Crispin did for Haggar last year.

Crispin's point, I think: love it or hate it, you still talked about it.

My point: why get to the point where it's even an option for people to HATE your material?

Make them hate what you hate, love what you love.

But, please, don't make them hate your material. It's beginning to make me not want to even consider Orville Redenbacher because they seemed so stupid for even letting this happen.

But I'm just one person. Let's see if sales take off. My guess: a brief spike -- and then a tapering off to what it was before.

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