Sunday, July 01, 2007

Better than the real thing: iPhone China version

For those of you who really really really want to get an iPhone...

Here's one from China -- and in spite of the fact that (if you look at the date on the screen) it predates the Apple version's release by a day, it's actually better than the real thing.

At least from what I saw, it has MMS, a stylus, replaceable batteries AND you can get one for cheap from China. : )


Anonymous said...

some china factory is offering me original iphone unlocked for gsm, 9 july 07 , they sell original psp ipod and other things, do you think i can trust them?

reyl said...

Even if you theoretically could use it on your local network (which I doubt), and even if you were getting an original Apple product (which I also doubt), I'd wait for it to come out locally and buy from a real Apple store. Benefits of waiting: 1. The bugs would have been ironed out by then. 2. You get a warranty. : )

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