Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I think I just peed in my pants

The new MacBook Air is amazing -- but it's sans DVD, CD drives. And no Firewire either.

However, it's a real beaut --- and I bet the fanboys and fangirls are praising Steve Jobs to the heavens anyway.

At USD 1,800 for the 1.6GHZ version, it's not cheap. you'll still need to shell out for an external DVD/CD drive. But hey you'll be the coolest guy / girl in the coffeshops now.

Or you could, like me, stick to whatever it is you're using at the office, and buy an ASUS eee PC (at a sixth of the price) to impress the strangers at the Starbucks instead.

Yeah, am sourgraping. And, no, I haven't bought an eee just yet, either. : )

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