Friday, February 15, 2008

A Vision of Students Today

Back when I was still teaching, it became rapidly apparent to me that the students I was facing everyday were different from me.

Call it a difference of generations, a difference of cultures, and a difference of upbringing.

My fellow teachers and I would watch each new batch of freshmen walk into the college and we'd cluck cluck to ourselves that the "kids" were so so so different nowadays.

This video, forwarded by April ( a former student of mine) shows why.

I am sure that many of the things that the video shows are part and parcel of her life -- she's never known a world without 24/7 internet and 360 degree connectivity to everybody she knows and to every possible thing that could be had from the common wealth of human knowledge. Well, April -- this video hopefully shows you why many of your teachers seemed lost in trying to connect with you.

They were digital nomads in a classroom of digital natives. They needed time to get used to a new world!

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