Monday, March 10, 2008

Janina San Miguel - Bb. Pilipinas 2008 Q&A (complete)

The girl blew the Q&A big time by not even answering the question --- but she managed to stay composed somehow while blowing it.

The result --- apart from the laughter from the galleries -- she won and will represent the Philippines for Miss World 2008.

Two things:

1. Somebody should tell her not to even try speaking in English anymore. That's why they have interpreters for beauty pageants. It must be some kind of masochistic colonial mentality that forces these girls to think that they should speak in English even when their own daily experience shows them they better not.

2. This thing already had 17,000 plus views on Youtube -- and it was just last night.

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Brian L. Belen said...

Two words:

"World peace."

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