Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drama with Obama: U2, MLK, Abe Lincoln

U2 really has a sense of drama... which even No-Drama Obama seems to have enjoyed.

Drama number 1:

On the 19th of January, many years ago, Martin Luther King Jr told the world about his dream... a dream of a world where black and white are equal, where color does not matter.

The dream has come true.

On the 20th, Barack Obama, America's first black president will be inaugurated.

But the dream remains elusive for many peoples around the world. Maybe an Obama-led America will cause a shift elsewhere.

Drama number 2:

Abe Lincoln led the United States through the largest crisis it had ever undergone: the Civil War.

Obama takes on the reins of a country in the deepest recession in memory -- and one which affects every other nation on earth as well.

Can he do it? He is not Superman or the Messiah... and we know that. But for all our sakes, we want him to succeed.

Drama number 3:

U2 has always been full of drama -- they've been doing songs like Pride since the early eighties and remain unapologetic about it. (In fact, I first heard about Martin Luther King Jr from them -- from 'Pride" specifically.) So expect more of this stuff from them when their new album "No Line on the Horizon' comes out in March. An Obama-inspired song COULD be in the works, yes?

These days, the drama is actually welcome.

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