Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Apple iPad: iDon'tGetIt

Steve Jobs unveiled the highly anticipated Apple iPad several hours ago.

Not sure what to think of it right now other than
1. It would be really nice to be able to check out the internet through a tablet interface sans mouse
2. Wow, that thing is really thin and must be really light as well!

But then,  I can't imagine any other position for using this that's comfortable other than if you were sitting on a couch and had it on your lap. I like surfing while in bed. How'd I do that with the iPad? Or if I was in a coffeshop, it would be real hard to type with this on a table.

Mashable has some other issues as well.

  • No Multi-tasking
  • No Drag and Drop File Management
  • No USB Port
  • No SD Slot
  • No Flash
  • No HDMI Out
  • No 1080p Playback
  • No Native Widescreen
  • No Camera
  • No Full GPS
  • No Open SDK

Read the full article here.  In essence, it's more of a media consumption device, rather than a computer. And contrary to what some bloggers have been saying, I don't think this really poses a problem for the netbooks.

And then there's the funny name (at least to me): iPad. Why not the iTablet instead? Right now, it sounds like somebody thought it would be cute. It of course has led to some jokes already, one of which is in this video from MadTV:

I'm sure that there are those who absolutely love this device -- hey it's an Apple! -- but I'm not one of them yet. (And hey, I love Macs, remember?)

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