Thursday, June 24, 2010

Want to be the Next Charice?

By now, everyone knows that Charice has landed a role as a recurring character in the hit TV series, "Glee".

If you didn't, here's proof (jump to 1:02):

The story of how Charice got to where she is now follows the lately-discovered formula for becoming a star in the Age of the Social Internet:

get one tremendously talented person, shoot Youtube videos, pass them around, get them to wow Oprah / Ellen and BAM... you're a star!

Some other Filipino kids (or maybe they just look Filipino) who could be following in Charice's footsteps are the following kids I discovered through a post in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. They're contestants in a Hong Kong talent contest called Star Factor.

Check them out and if you feel they could be the next Charice, vote for them. Voting ends tomorrow, so do it now.

Russell Salazar

Janina Celine de Castro Vitto

Margaret Ortega

Jan Carl Aunario

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