Monday, May 26, 2008

Ferrari breaks Force India's Heart

Adrian Sutil was all set to claim 4th place at Monaco in 2008 after a brilliant day which saw him dodging accidents left and right in the rain and exploiting his car when he could --- and then Kimi loss control.

It's not Kimi's fault, really. But it makes you wonder how Kimi's car lost it, when Sutil's went over the same patch of road as his a few secs before without incident.

Sutil was said to be inconsolable.

Idea: Have Sutil and Raikonnen swap cars for the next race at Magny Cours! Then Sutil can have the speed for once -- and maybe ram Kimi's car if he wanted to.

Sigh. I was all set to give Force India a whoop and a cheer, and then this. The next hope for anything like this happening again is in... 2009?

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