Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Twitter in Plain English

This is a great little video to explain how Twitter works. (You DON'T TWITTER? Go to Twitter.com then after you watch this vid!)

I like it not just because it explains the concept of Twitter really well, but also because of the way it does it.

This comes from CommonCraft.com -- a site dedicated to "explanations in Plain English" through simple drawings. (I wonder why I never saw this before though.)

It's educational in a graphic / visual kind of way --- kind of like Hotforwords without the boobs and seduction.

It's what... HotForNet (?) for net newbies, at least based on the topics of the videos they've done so far: RSS, social networking, blogs, online photosharing, podcasting, etc.

Check out their site!

(Found this one via ConsumerGeneratedMedia.com )

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