Monday, June 23, 2008

My Wishlist: Tokyo Toy Show 2008

I want...

1. Air Shock Battle Beam Sabre
2. Fur Real Golden Retriever
3. Home Jukebox

My birthday is in two months. : )

Some of those toys are really weird though. Would you (or anyone you know) want a dancing flower? Or a Japanese-speaking Mickey (unless your friend is Japanese, of course)? Or a USB Owl?


sabs said...

Subtitles, please hehe. I want the home juke box too and the sushi roll maker and the chocolate fountain. And my birthday is 2 months from now, too. Haha.

reyl said...

Sabs.... familiar name, hmmmm. You wouldn't be the Sabs whose dad I know? The Sabs who I was trying to recruit into Educ?

Because, if you ARE, I'll tell your dad your wishlist!

: )

Hi Sabs! How are you doing?

NaNiNaNi said...

Hi I've a wish embeded onto my blog using a web widget so that I can monitor it. Check out my blog and the web widget

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