Friday, June 20, 2008

Reverse Graffiti: Calling on MMDA's Bayani Fernando


I know you're very frustrated with how terrible Metro Manila is becoming, especially with the lack of "urbanidad" / urbanity of many of its citizens.

How about involving ordinary people and involving them in something fun and subversive, instead of constantly frowning down upon them from your (non-campaign) billboards?

Watch the video first, Mr Fernando.

Now, here's my idea -- why not partner up with a cleaning product (Mr Muscle, maybe?) and invite all Metro Manila folk to an urban art contest. The canvas: the dirty walls near them. The medium: Mr Muscle and water. The theme: whatever you want it to be.

Everyone can get in on it, really. Plus, it'll be fun to actually "deface" public property (though in reality, they're actually cleaning it up for you). And third, it brings the reality of urban pollution in front of everyone's noses.

That's a better kind of MMDA-sponsored art, don't you think?


badoodles said...

tama yan. for sure, magmumukang living art ang buong kamaynilaan. galing.

maiba tayo, nahanap ko kasi tong blog mo sa mga humor blogs. gusto na din kitang imbitahin para sa king patimpalak at manalo ng 15,000 pesos. magpost lang tungkol sa limang humor blogs at pag kasama sila sa top ten sa bilangan, kasama ka din sa parapol para sa premyo. andali lang di ba? heto ang mga nominado:

sali ka ha?

lionel said...

Reverse graffiti rocks!
What's more, public art rocks!

Cool blog, Leutz!
God bless.

reyl said...

Hey Badoodles --

Thanks for dropping by. Medyo nalito lang ako sa mechanics mo, pero titingnan ko.

Ang problema lang, ang blog ko puro tungkol sa videos, kaya 'di ko pa alam kung paano ko magagawa yung requirement. In any case, iisipin ko kung paano.

Again, salamat!

reyl said...

Hi Lionel ---

No, my friend. ACID 42 rocks! : )

I've been checking out and downloading from you since 2 years ago.

Hope the States is doing your music justice.

Check these out:

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