Monday, July 27, 2009

Family comes first

My 6-year old daughter has been taught well to understand that family is more important than anything else -- at least when it comes to choosing priorities, she knows that family activities and concerns come before the more self-centered ones, like computer/internet time or TV-watching time.

Which is all really just a weak way for me to segue to the following family-centred TVCs which struck home.

The first one, for reminding me of the big empty spaces in my own family and in my wife's as well -- huge chasms opened up by the deaths of our fathers, spaces which used to be filled with the sound of their voices, noises, laughter, anecdotes, quirks, foibles, and brilliant things which only daddies could and would do.

And then there's this other commercial that made me
1. scared of even the remotest possibility of going through life without my wife
2. want to give my daughter a big hug later when I get home
3. glad that I was lucky to have had a dad who was in many ways just like the dad in the material.

A tear fell, as they say.


Both of these commercials were created by Yasmin Ahmad, ECD of Leo Burnett Malaysia, who died of a stroke over the weekend. She was also behind the Tan Hong Ming video we featured a few posts ago.

Yasmin Ahmad, thank you. May you rest in peace.


CheaHS@n said...

Hi Reyl
Yeah very sad to have lost our movie director who dars to be different and I'm gonna miss her Petronas festival advert. Coincidentally we shared the sadness of MJ and Yasmin in our blogs, gone too soon..
Care to visit my blog and exchange links. Cheers

rachel said...

yes i am totally agreed with this article...nice post..thanx ..keep blogging...

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