Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to sell car insurance using a Meerkat

Ever typed something in the URL bar and discovered you were a bit dyslexic in your typing AFTER you clicked "Enter"?

That's apparently pretty common as evidenced in this video for which is just a few misplaced keystrokes away from, a car insurance comparison site.

It's quite engaging though not connected really to car insurance --- which is fine.

If I'm any indicator of how the rest of the internet population would act, it'd work. I clicked on the insurance site after I did the Meerkat, and I'm not likely to forget the insurance site now. And, worst case scenario , let's say I DID forget the name of the insurance site, I think I'd probably remember the Meerkat one. Any which way, I'd end up where they wanted me to go.

Good job!

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