Sunday, November 15, 2009

Manny Pacquiao defeats Miguel Cotto: Mayweather next?

It took twelve rounds with the Pacman dominating from the second round onwards. It may not have been as one-sided as the demolitions of Hatton or De la Hoya or Diaz or Morales but this was still a largely Pacquiao show. Cotto and his camp (as well as Mayweather, incidentally) said that the Pacman had faced washed-out, over-the-hill, aging fighters in De la Hoya and Morales as well as second-rate pugilists in Diaz and Hatton, ergo he would finally meet his match in Cotto: a true welterweight, in his prime. Miguel Cotto, they said, would be the real measure of whether Pacquiao deserved his pound for pound king reputation.

Well, what can we say really except this: well, guys, now you know.

Congratulations, Manny Pacquiao.

Now, as for you Mr. Mayweather... you better get your begging bowl ready because if you want a shot at the Pacman, you better shut up, beg, and take whatever deal you can get. Fifty-fifty sounds real generous actually, being that Manny has just cemented his reputation as one of the biggest and most exciting fighters in the sport -- while you only have a reputation for being a loudmouth who's all about the money and avoiding a real punch-up. Otherwise, we'll all be left thinking that you're just afraid of getting hammered and looking like Cotto by round 12.

As the ex-pound for pound king, it should be about facing the Manny, and not the money.

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