Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taylor Swift wins on SNL ... and the Country Music Awards

Here's Taylor Swift's hilarious Saturday Night Live monologue ... and yes, there are references to the guy who dumped her over the phone, the guy from Twilight she's supposedly dating AND the guy who interrupted her speech during the Video Music Awards.

Here are the lyrics:

– “I like writing songs about douchebags who cheat on me but I’m not gonna say that in my monologue.”
– “You might think I’d bring up Joe [Jonas], that guy who broke up with me on the phone, but I’m not gonna mention him in my monologue. Hey Joe, I’m doing real well. Tonight, I’m hosting SNL but I’m not gonna brag about that in my monologue. La la la. Ha ha ha. La la la.”
– “And if you’re wondering if I might be dating the werewolf from Twilight. Hey Taylor [Lautner]! (blows kiss, winks) But I’m not gonna comment on that in my monologue.”
– “You might be expecting me to say something bad about Kanye [West] and how he ran up on stage and ruined my VMA monologue. But there’s nothing more to say cuz everything’s okay. I’ve got security lining the stage. It’s my SNL monologue.”
“We have a great show. Kanye West is NOT here, so stick around. We’ll be right back.”

And here's her acceptance speech for the Country Music Awards.

You can argue that she shouldn't have won over the more established stars of country (like Keith Urban, for example) -- but if the idea for Entertainer of the Year is to honor the country performer who's made country accessible to a wider market (and somehow will get more of the masses interested in other artists from the genre), then it's well deserved.

I have no idea who Brad Paisley and the others are. Oh, and I happen to like country music -- the Dixie Chicks & Trisha Yearwood, in particular. Fine, they've all crossed over. But I ended up buying country albums too, didn't I? And that's what the industry should be concerned about, I think.



tranquillity said...

I totally agree with you Rey. I didn't know I really liked country music until I learned that Taylor Swift was actually country singer! I'm really glad that she has given country music a new flavor. :) Nice post!

reyl said...

Hey, Trish.

Yes, she's made country accessible to a whole lot of people. And the nice thing is, in spite of all the success, she's still just a kid enjoying herself and not taking it all too seriously.

Hope it lasts!

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