Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Barrichello beats Michael Schumacher : Hungary 2010

Few things are more gratifying than to see Ruben Barrichello soundly beat Michael Schumacher. Who cares that this happened in 2010 - years after Michael Schumacher's retirement and months into his comeback? Or that this is when the two former Ferrari teammates are now in second-class cars? Or that they were battling for TENTH position and the last remaining point available?

This is about seeing Michael Schumacher forced to eat humble pie and about seeing Barrichello get some points at the expense of said humble-pie eater. It's almost historic.

Here's the video (copying in several just in case F1 Management pulls them out.)

With inset:

Barrichello nearly pasted himself against the pitwall because of Schumacher's attempt to block him but manages to get through in time. Bad, bad Schumi.

And to drive the nail deeper into Schumacher's career coffin, the FIA have just given him a ten place demotion for the Belgian Grand Prix.

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