Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Charice sings All by Myself on Glee

I don't have a better video yet -- so just close your eyes.(All the better to appreciate Charice's version of this Celine Dion hit song.)

Somehow though, while her singing is, as always, great -- I can't help feeling that this is no big deal.

Yes, she's the only Filipino to make it onto a current hit TV show ever (correct me if I'm wrong).

Yes, she's probably the biggest news coming out of the Philippines after Manny Pacquiao.

But really, "All by Myself" is the kind of song that EVERY Filipina diva sings. For us Filipinos, that song is normal. Heck, that kind of belting is normal too. Just watch any singing contest whether it's on TV or in a Sunday fiesta in the boondocks and you'll see what I mean.

This is not to put Charice down but rather to emphasize that there is no dearth of singing talent in this country. We have many more like her waiting to be discovered, polished and projected onto the world stage, if only we had enough Oprahs and Ellens to thrust them to.

For now though, we have but one: Charice Pempengco. Great work, Charice! You make us proud. May we have many more like you.

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Anonymous said...

you're are totally wrong my good friend...singing is like a regular burger in every corner of the street if you are talking about filipino singers but what makes Charice differennt from other local artist (especially those ones bein' compared to her) is the international appeal and as a crowd pleaser...i agree Philippines has a lot (tons) of great singers but it is the thing (goosebumps and all) you feel everytime you watch them...Susan Boyle is not that great but makes difference, and some other foreign artists...but the international appeal------just sayin'--->iceG

reyl said...

I actually agree with you -- but you have to admit that if you gave many other local talents the polish that a great mentor and producer can provide, we'd have a lot more international caliber singers. Couple that with the breaks that Youtube has been able to provide, and well, we'd take over the world.

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