Sunday, October 07, 2007

The controversial Youtube video

A spectator shot this video of Lewis Hamilton "driving erratically" behind the safety car at the Japanese Grand Prix.

As a result of Hamilton's driving, Vettel crashed into Webber's car.

Was Hamilton unprofessional? Or did he just lose control?

The FIA said he was not at fault and didn't penalize him for the incident.

What do you guys think?


On an aside, this incident was never caught on TV. Isn't the rise of camera phones and Youtube amazing? In the old days, this would never have come to light!


Frances said...

Perhaps it was amateur F1 driving. Hahaha. Hay nako, basta I'm happy that Lewis had to withdraw from the race in the Chinese Grand Prix... it makes Sao Paolo more exciting!

reyl said...

Frances -- I know what you mean! Except, the Brazil GP is the one of those I hate the most (next to the Canadian GP). Hassle gumising! Then I have a headache na the whole day. : )

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