Monday, October 29, 2007

iPhone Texting Speed Test: slow as crap

Everyone seems to be lusting for the iPhone. Heck, even me.

And why not? It's sexy, it's thin, it's powerpacked, it's an Apple, it meshes welll with my Mac, etc., etc., etc.

Until reality kind of kicked in: I'm a Filipino and, you know, we Filipinos do a heck of a lot of texting.

It was all a big hypothetical question of "how the heck will I be able to text on one?" -- until I actually got the chance last Friday.

Let me tell you, it was hell. Check out this video -- no Filipino will want one after seeing how slow this guy is. And to think that the phone seems to be anchored down on something (it doesn't move at all),it's cheating!

Advice to everyone: when the iPhone comes out -- don't buy one. Wait until all your friends are dying to have someone take them off their hands. That way, you can have an iPhone cheap for your music, internet, and telephony needs! (Keep your old cellphone for texting though.)

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