Monday, July 28, 2008

Funny phone calls: Brit calls police hotline to ask a very urgent question

The Brits are so darned polite, aren't they?

If this happened in the Philippines... er, no, it wouldn't and couldn't have happened in the Philippines, actually, because...

First, very few people would have remembered the number to call.

(... Quiz: Is it
a. 911?
b. 119?
c. 116?
d. 611?
e. None of the above ... answer: none of the above . It's 117.)

Second, there might not be anyone at the other end of the line anyway. Or at least that's how a lot of us tend to think... so we won't even bother calling.

Third, do any of us honestly think the cops can answer the question that the lady was asking?

Fourth, I think we'd probably just spam text all our smarter friends to ask the question. Cheaper and faster pa.

(Found via Gizmodo. Many more police phone call videos at Youtube ... Go to "ASPolice")

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