Friday, July 11, 2008

Impossible Shot for Nike

Check out this video created by Martina of Adverblog for Nike Football Italy.

Amazing, yes?

Amusingly, Steve Hall of Adrants (from whose blog I found out about it) called this "The Impossible Shot"... forgetting that this is Nike and not Adidas ... which has a franchise on the word "impossible" by now. And, I wouldn't be too surprised if a whole lot of other people also called it that -- heck, that's the catchphrase that came to mind for me too.


Steve Hall said...

Well I called it that because I can't read Italian and that that was my best guess as to what the YouTube description said:-)

reyl said...
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reyl said...

Well, it does seem funny that "impossible" is the word that came to mind! (I tried to translate it using online tools myself, but the translation confused me even more. )

: )

Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Big fan here : )

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