Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hamilton Overtakes Massa and Piquet: German GP 2008

Lewis Hamilton was behind Felipe Massa after his pit stop, leaving him third with Massa 2nd and Nelson Piquet (who hadn't pitted yet) in 1st.

Watch him take Massa and Piquet down and romp off to take the win. They couldn't stop him. Clear domination here by McLaren -- and I wonder if Ferrari can still stop Hamilton as the 2nd half of the season begins. This year is tougher than last: Ferrari have not just McLaren to worry about but a resurgent BMW team as well. Not to mention the occasional Honda and Renault surprise which could muddy the chances of our Finnish hero, Kimi. (Not Heikki. He's no hero yet.)

Question: Why is Hamilton so good? This is like watching Schumi. Did he sell his soul to the devil?

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