Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The World's Best Presentation: What the F**K is Social Media?

I know this is not a Youtube video.

Came across this entry for Slideshare's "World's Best Presentation contest" on ThreeMinds and thought I can break the blog's rules just this once.

In one zippy and entertaining presentation, Marta Strickland (whoops -- I meant Marta Kagan), Bonafide Marketing Genius, manages to layout what social media is, why and how brands have to get into them. It's 74 slides chock-full of facts and numbers that we all will need to reference at some point. But that's not why I put it in here. It's not just a learning experience for a whole lot of people -- it's also a darn fine visual delight.

What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

Rey, my concern here is that only 1/3 of the world population have internet access. Here in the Philippines, only about 35% have internet access. Maybe less. And since the Philippines' total population is dominated by the "masa" , the same people who doesn't have the internet access, then we're missing something here. Unless internet providers will give these "masa" market a FREE access to the web, then this idea of the author will go beyond what she expected. :D


Rissa said...

Agree this is a great presentation. Crisp, clear, current. But Skeletor is right. Doesn't apply to the bigger pie. But if we can find a way to adapt the principles for the general public, not just the masa, but even those whose relationship to the web are superficial at best, then we have a winning formula.

reyl said...

Point taken re: numbers of users.

But I still think this is valid and will be even more relevant for us all in the near future.

Internet usage has been rising steadily -- and roughly half of users are from net cafes in the Philippines, which means the masses ARE online. They may not have their own computers BUT they are online.

We will get to a point where Internet access is as common as electrical and cellphone access. There is even a computer set-up that you can buy now -- Internet ready with webcam and all -- at just Php 9,900. As cheap as a cellphone.Check it out at Villman -- it's called the Nettop computer, a result of the PCs for the Masses project of the government.

Internet access is now also portable and prepaid with the offerings of Globe and Smart. P10 for 30 mins -- cheaper than cellphone rates.

So, trust me -- Internet access is not going to remain a problem.

As for the usage and behavior on the Net -- I think the sheer number of OFWs (8M) and their families over here are enough of a testbed for using the new technologies available on the web. Whether it's for telephony, IM, money transfers, purchases, whatever -- they'll be on-board the train because it makes their lives simpler.

And finally -- the principles DO apply to the general public. And in fact, they came from the off-line space FIRST.

To put it simply:
1 People are talking
2 Join the conversation
3 Be honest and open to and during the conversation -- that's real life, right?

The major hurdle is more on the end of the people who are used to manufacturing and spinning the messages (i.e. people in marketing and advertising) -- we will have to realize that the world has changed and we can't make the world spin the way we want it anymore.

We need to walk the talk: create better products, serve people better, be less self-centred and more people-centred.

That's my take. : )

Joël Céré said...

Would be more effective if these bold statements had their sources mentioned... Anyone can throw up percentages. I'd like to doublecheck them.

reyl said...

Hi Joel. Thanks for dropping in.

She cites her sources on slide 74 and her contact info on slide 73. You wanted to double check HER figures, right? (I doubt if it's the Philippine numbers you want to see!)

Marta Strickland said...

Hahaha... I'll take the compliment, but it is actually Marta Kagan that claims to be the "bonafide marketing genius" and created this presentation.

As for the other Marta's numbers, I think most of them come from the Universal McCann Wave 3 study that just came out recently

Check these out:

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